Extend the life of your asphalt with Crown Paving’s asphalt maintenance and repair services in the Nashville and Middle Tennessee area.

Quick changes in weather and underlying issues beneath the surface can cause your asphalt to become a hazard overnight. Quality asphalt maintenance and repair is all about identifying the issue correctly, in order to select and implement the proper solution.

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The Most Common Types of Asphalt Damage

1. Alligator Cracks
These occur when the earth underneath your asphalt shifts over time forming a system of risen cracks and bumps, similar in appearance to an alligator’s back.

2. Potholes
Potholes are likely to form in areas where the asphalt is unintentionally thin. Cold weather tends to make asphalt expand and contract, so these slightly thinner areas are more heavily affected and can form holes.

3. Rutting
Asphalt with a weakened subbase material that is faulty or too soft has a tendency to slowly cause rutting damage from the bottom layer of the asphalt to the surface.

4. Deterioration
Everyday wear and tear causes asphalt to gradually deteriorate. Over time, asphalt grays in color and can become rough and aesthetically unappealing without ongoing maintenance and care.

Asphalt repair and maintenance from Crown Paving can help fix and prevent these problems.

Is my parking lot a candidate for an overlay instead of a mill and pave?

Overlays are a good way to upgrade the existing pavement’s structure, as long as the increase in elevation doesn’t create a drainage or clearance issue.

When are overlays not a good idea?

Overlays would not be ideal if your parking lot has full-depth cracks, block cracking, deep ruts in the wheel paths or underlying base problems, such as moisture.

What is the difference between a thick and thin overlay?

A conventional overlay is at least 1.5 inches thick, while a thin overlay is less than 1.5 inches thick

What is a "mill and pave" project?

When your asphalt surface has severe damage like potholes, ruts, and large cracks, milling and possibly undercuts to stabilize will need to be performed before an aspahlt overlay is applied.

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Check out how we turned a faded, cracked and damaged parking lot into a seamless, sleek and smooth surface ready to support the high traffic demands of their customers with our expert overlay services.

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"The repairs look very nice and the cleanup of debris was again very nice. They did a really good job and we are quite thankful for y’all working the weekend for us."

- Jonathan Witteveen, Bradford Company

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