Revitalize your paving surface with Crown Paving’s asphalt repair and patching services.

Everyday traffic, harsh weather, changes in temperature and chemical spills…these are just a few of the factors that contribute to asphalt damage. When you find yourself looking at a paving surface that is faded, cracked or potholed, you can trust Crown Paving’s asphalt repair and patching services to restore it to a safe and appealing surface at your property.

When should I patch my paving surface?

If possible, patchwork should be performed during the spring and summer to give your asphalt paving surface time to cure over the winter.

Which type of patching is the best?

When repairing your paving surface, there are two types of patching methods to consider: full-depth and surface patching. Full-depth patching is the better option, as it gets to the root of the problem by stripping the pavement down to the subbase or stone base, then replacing it and filling the area with new asphalt.

Will potholes get worse with time?

Potholes are caused when water sinks beneath the pavement surface, freezes and expands, causing a deteriorating hole in your paving surface. Potholes will continue to grow if ignored, creating an even bigger safety issue.

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We provide expert asphalt repair and patching services. You can count on our crews to get the job done right.

National Storage Units

Providing a fresh look to your property’s parking lot could be just what you need to attract more business. Check out our National Storage Unit project where we used our expert asphalt patching services to repair and restore their parking lot.

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