Crown Paving provides professional concrete installation, concrete maintenance and concrete repair services.

Crown Paving offers a wide range of commercial concrete paving, installation and repair in Nashville, including repairing old or existing concrete by removing and replacing deteriorated areas. We also remove and install concrete ramps, walkways and parking areas for ADA accessibility.

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We take steps to ensure your Nashville concrete paving installation is a lasting investment, such as diverting traffic during curing time, as early load exposure can damage a new concrete surface.

We often combine our concrete repairs with asphalt maintenance so that a long-term solution is accomplished, rather than using a short-term fix that could result in additional expense.

Crown Paving’s skilled concrete crew, with more than 25 years of experience in Nashville, can pave, install, and repair the following types of concrete projects:

Curb and Gutter
Dumpster Pads with aprons
Concrete Repair
Concrete Ramps
Post Curbs
Concrete Pavement
Trip Hazard Removal
Concrete Crackfill
Concrete Pathways
Concrete Flumes
Concrete Demolition
Slab Repairs
Concrete & Asphalt Joint Repairs
Epoxy Repair
Dock Pit Installation & Repair
Pipe Bollards
Structural Concrete Repair
Floor Overlay or Leveling
Trench Drains
ADA Compliance, ADA Accessibility, ADA Improvements

Crown Paving provides expert concrete repair for your property.

We perform concrete services across Middle Tennessee and surrounding areas for commercial properties with large parking lots and high-traffic areas.

"They did a pretty large concrete construction project for me on our ranch and did a wonderful job. Very professional and the workmanship was impeccable. I would definitely recommend them. Caring about the workmanship is a trait that is hard to find anymore."

- Julia Miller


We service clients with large portfolio properties and provide on-call emergency paving services.
You get reliable, warranty-backed work from an experienced, woman-owned contractor.
We offer fast and free commercial estimates.
Your project moves quickly without delay.

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If you have a concrete sidewalk or curb that is cracked or uneven, it not only looks bad, but it can lead to a serious fall or injury liability on your property. Get in touch to learn how our concrete installation and repair services can help.

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