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If your paving surface is faded and experiencing minor issues, asphalt resurfacing and overlay is a great solution to restore its pristine appearance. It’s important to consider that, with an overlay project, any larger subbase issues are not corrected and could worsen over time. When damage to your surface is severe, removal and replacement may be necessary. Our experts can help guide you to the most cost-effective solution.

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What is asphalt overlay?

Asphalt overlay is a process that requires the removal of damaged or deteriorating asphalt by milling 1-3” inches beneath the surface to prepare it for the new thin layer of asphalt that will be added to the top surface.

Is milling required before overlay?

The surface will require milling or removal of the damaged layers before adding a new layer of asphalt. If damage is extensive, removal and replacement may be needed.

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Check out how we turned a faded, cracked and damaged parking lot into a seamless, sleek and smooth surface ready to support the high traffic demands of their customers with our expert overlay services.

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