Do you need a Nashville paving cost estimate and parking lot assessment? Let us help you understand and evaluate your pavement and concrete preservation and repair options.

Are you tired of looking out at your parking lot and seeing an eyesore full of potholes, cracks, and uneven pavement? Are there safety issues and trip hazards in your parking lot. If so, you may be wondering where to start and confused by what you are dealing with and your options to fix your property. At Crown Paving, we keep it simple — your first step is to let us evaluate your property and provide you with a free Nashville parking lot assessment and paving cost estimate.

We understand that managing a parking lot on top of everything else you have on your plate can be overwhelming. Let us make this easy for you.

Pavement Maintenance

This graph clearly shows the cause and effect relationship between preventative maintenance and cost. The longer you go without preventative maintenance the more costly your reactive maintenance will be. The fact is, being proactive with your parking lot maintenance will provide you with the best financial results in the long-term.

Parking Lot Paving Solutions

What’s Included in the Free Parking Lot Assessment

We know developing a plan for your parking lot at all stages is important. Whether you are looking to ensure you are ADA-compliant or repair potholes and alligator cracks, we can provide a free Nashville parking lot assessment and paving cost estimate to get your project started right and your property in peak condition. Your free parking lot assessment includes:

Determining the type of materials used in your parking lot.

We will help you determine the type and age of your pavement and concrete.

Analyzing the types of distress present in your parking lot.

Analyze the types of distress (some you can see and some that you may not be able too) like potholes, cracking, crumbling, rutting, and drainage issues that may be occuring in your parking lot.

Providing a recommendation for parking lot preservation and repair.

Recommend the correct type of parking lot preservation and repair services such as crack sealing/filling, surface patching/full depth patching, mill and pave, overlay, striping, catch basin repair, concrete repair, curb repairs, etc .

Predicting effects if repair and maintenance services are delayed and explain costs involved.

Predict effects if repair and maintenance is delayed i.e. help you understand investment costs that work with your budget cycles and what you can wait on and what might be detrimental if you continue to wait!

We provide parking lot maintenance and repair services in Nashville and surrounding cities.

At Crown Paving, we offer a wide range of parking lot maintenance and repair services for retail shopping centers, mixed use properties, government buildings such as schools and airports, hotels and motels, churches, and all ranges of light to heavy industrial properties.

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