Repair and restore the look of your asphalt with Crown Paving’s road and parking lot milling services in Nashville and surrounding Middle Tennessee areas.

Normal wear and tear over time can leave your paving surface damaged, cracked and uneven. This can negatively affect your visitors’ experience at your property and impede their safety. At Crown Paving, we provide expert Nashville asphalt milling services to parking lots, roads and paving surfaces in need of resurfacing.

Asphalt milling is a simple, environmentally conscious process wherein layers of damaged asphalt are removed and recycled with a cold planing machine. Our Nashville asphalt milling machine grinds layers of asphalt from a shallow depth to full depth depending on the amount of surface damage. The pieces of aggregate are then recycled to be used for parking lot resurfacing.

What is the difference between cold planing and milling?

Milling and cold planing are the same thing. The terminology changes based on region.

What are some uses for milling/cold planing?

Milling involves grinding off the top 1.25 – 1.5 inch layer of asphalt, and replacing it with a fresh layer of asphalt.

Milling can give your parking lot or roadway a fresh new look with minimal environmental impact. It can level out your paving surface and remove damaged surface layers.

Why should I use milling?

Because milling means you don’t have to dig up your entire roadway or parking lot, it’s a more economical way to improve your asphalt.

What is profile milling?

If your roadway or parking lot has a curb and gutter, profile milling will allow you to grind a strip along the curb and gutter, so that your asphalt is flush.

Mill and Fill.

We provide precise asphalt milling services performed by crews that are professional, dependable and trustworthy.

Metro Nashville Public Works Paving

Keeping customers safe and happy is important with any commercial property. See how we partnered with Metro Nashville Public Works for their latest milling/cold planing project.

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