A Message from Crown Paving’s Chief Manager about Coronavirus

We’re committed to delivering on our promise to provide our customers with the highest level of work—no matter what. During this time of uncertainty in our community and world, we want our customers to know they can be certain we are doing everything in our power to protect and maintain proper COVID-19 safety precautions as we move forward. Our Crown Paving team is educated on the latest recommended safety measures and protocols so your asphalt maintenance and repair projects aren’t put on hold any longer. You can count on Crown Paving to do our part!

– Jessica Blackburn, Chief Manager, Crown Paving

Your Health and Safety Is Crown Paving’s Top Priority

We want you to know we are trying to do everything possible to ensure our employee and customer safety as essential workers on your paving project. Along with implementing best practices to build quality asphalt and concrete jobs, the health and safety of our employees and customers remain Crown Paving’s number one priority.

What We’re Doing To Protect Crown Paving Customers During The COVID-19 Pandemic

To fight the COVID-19 pandemic, the following safety practices and protocols have been implemented. We have taken our direction from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Governor Bill Lee’s Tennessee Pledge / Construction Worksite Guidelines and the National Asphalt Pavement Association’s recommendations:

1. We are providing hand washing stations on the job site for all crew members.

Crews have “hand washing stations” on each Foreman’s truck and have access to antibacterial soap and water and/or alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Key times for employees to clean their hands include:

  • Before and after the job starts
  • In between waiting on trucks and material to arrive
  • After blowing their nose, coughing, or sneezing
  • After using the restroom
  • Before eating or preparing food
  • After putting on, touching, or removing cloth face coverings

2. We disinfect all touchable surfaces with AZ-14 Disinfectant wipes.

Twice a day, we disinfect touchable surfaces of tools, handles, and other equipment using AZ-14 Disinfectant wipes (a non-woven disposable cloth containing a stable, low ph formulated disinfectant for use on hard surfaces where control of cross contamination is required).

3. We disinfect all equipment at the end of each shift with AZ-24 Fogger sanitizing agent.

At the end of each shift, vehicles and equipment are sprayed using AZ-24 Fogger sanitizing agent. This powerful solution is an E.P.A. registered sanitizer and disinfectant that works without rinsing.

4. We screen employees with a health assessment questionnaire and temperature scan.

We actively screen employees before each shift using a health assessment questionnaire and a temperature scan if needed with an infrared thermometer. If an employee does not pass the screening, they are asked to go home.

5. We encourage our crew to maintain six-foot distance from each other and provide masks.

As much as possible, we remind crews to avoid physical contact with others and maintain a six-foot distance from each other. Masks are provided to all employees (free of charge) and are worn at their discretion or worn if the job or customer requires us to do so.

6. We clean touch-points in our office every day and schedule deep cleanings once a week.

We clean the critical touch-points (door knobs, telephones, printers, kitchen counters, keyboards) in our office once a day. We have a deeper cleaning scheduled by a professional once a week for all offices, bathrooms, kitchen and common spaces.